NEW Garbage Tag System

The Town of Prescott introduces the NEW garbage tag system in March!

In the coming weeks, residents can expect to see tags being sold at participating businesses including Town Hall. Tags will be sold for $1.50 each or $15.00 for a sheet of ten (10). The blue municipal town bags will continue to be picked up along with tagged bags until the bag supply has been exhausted.

Key Information for Garbage Tags:

  • Ensure the tag is visible and not damaged
  • $1.50 per tag or $15.00 for a sheet of 10 tags
  • Use one tag for each waste bag (no limit)
  • Ensure your waste bag is durable and secure, not ripped or overflowing
  • Preferred bag size 90 L (Large 30 x 33 in.) or a maximum of 135 L (X-Large 31 x 42 in.)
  • Any colour of bag accepted; Black, clear, white
  • Maximum bag weight 44 lbs./20 kg.


  1. Secure the top of your bag with a twist tie or knot
  2. Attach the tag above the knot
  3. Ensure the tag has adhesive ends pressed tightly together

If you have any further questions concerning the new garbage tags, please contact (613)925-2812, Ext. 6219 or email

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